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Clyde Lewis | October 26, 2021


The Halloween season presents a challenge to me because this is the time that we open our minds to the occult – meaning, literally all things that are hidden. Occult is one of those magical words that can scare people enough to have them hide in their closets or under their beds – or it provokes a reaction of intrigue as it is certainly something where most people want to get in on the secrets and find out what big things are being planned in the shadows.

Whenever the subject of witchcraft comes up or Brujeria or Voodoo, there are many people who already presume that at the core of all witchcraft or sorcery is a demon or devil that cast a curse into the ether.

But if you remember a few months back, I explained that in the medieval times many so called sorcerers or voodoo practitioners ran apothecaries.

Both John Dee and Edward Kelly were famous Elizabethan magicians who ran an apothecary and were proficient chemists. Both claimed to be alchemists, and seers.

Nostradamus enrolled in the University of Avignon in 1519 at the age of 15 but was forced to leave a year later when the town was stricken by plague and the university closed its doors. He subsequently spent eight years traveling throughout France, Italy and Spain researching herbal remedies while working as an apothecary and helping victims of the plague.

He also was a magician and a seer and was also a healer.

Although the perception of Nostradamus as a prophet with an uncanny ability to accurately predict the future has persisted since the 16th century, scholars now believe that he didn’t actually possess a supernatural power to see into the hereafter, but rather the ability to project past events into the future.

In many Greek translations of the bible there is a word that is used that describes to ingestions of poisons for the use of sorcery– it is called Pharmakeia.Pharmakeia Deception

Well the word Pharmakeia in the bible arguably gives a warning about discernment and the use of “snake oil” that is created by sorcerers of evil.

In the Book of the Apocalypse, Revelation Chapter 18, there is a passage that gives us the reason why all the nations were deceived. They were deceived by merchants who were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

In the Greek translations of the bible there are several words that accompany sorceries as evidenced in the book of Galatians Chapter 5: 19.

Words like “pornea” for sexual immorality, aselgia for debauchery, eidolartira, idolatry and pharmakeia for sorcery.

According to the Thayer Greek Dictionary “pharmakeia” is “the use or administering of drugs; poisoning, sorcery, and magical arts.

This is where we get the word Pharmacy or Pharma. Now if one wanted to be literalist then the use of any drug would be considered sorcery but obviously people do not feel that taking drugs to maintain their lives is a sin.

However, there are those who say that taking potions and drugs that alter the body or the mind might be something to consider.

Much of what we use as cures and tinctures have been passed down from generations and some have even been obtained by various witch doctors as well.

Many of the drugs we take, were first discovered in the bush — or the jungles of Liberia and in other places like Haiti where Voodoo practitioners create concoctions and tinctures that are used for healing or for putting people into trances.

Witch doctors were also notorious for doing ceremonial magic where they would curse people with something that is called “hex death.” It is a process where the authority, in this case the shaman, tells someone that they must do a number of tasks or they will surely die.

The curse of course is a psychological punishment for not adhering to the wishes of the master.

The concept of “voodoo death” or “psychic death” has been observed for hundreds of years. It is a phenomenon whereby a person , often a member of a tribe or primitive community is brought to death by means of a “spell”, or the use of “black magic”. This phenomenon has been observed by anthropologists, doctors and explorers all over the world, in areas such as Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South America and Haiti.

In the Australian aboriginal culture, the concept of “sorcery” is a prominent one, and each member of the tribe has recourse to its use by which he may harm an enemy. The medicine man (the healer) is the only one capable of countering such dark influences and is thus deemed the most important member of the community. In aborigine culture, “bone pointing” is the most powerful form of black magic employed, said to have brought death to many a man.

The “bewitched” individual being isolated from the rest of the community, left alone to endure their fate which has been all but decided.

Now think for a moment — does any of this sound familiar?

Think of the elderly in care homes isolated and alone, told they are being threatened by a ‘deadly’ virus, and nobody is allowed to see them. They eventually die alone, condemned by leaders and medical practitioners.Coronavirus in Nursing Homes - Nursing Home Abuse Center

This is not limited to the elderly now — how many COVID-19 patients have been treated this way? They become isolated and are told they are not allowed to speak with their families. Many died alone because they were not given hope or encouragement to fight and stay alive.

I would contend that it’s the same mechanism as Voodoo death at work here.

It could be argued that our modern society is no different from the primitive tribesman, except that we have substituted “evil spirits” for an invisible enemy and the threat of death — that is not tangible — but we are told that it is happening.

People that have lost loved ones know that this is happening — but how much of the virus was responsible for the deaths and how much could be attributed to the reactions to leaders who told us for two years that there is no hope and that we are all supposed to adjust to a new normal.

Death counters, case counters, faulty tests to inflate death numbers, footage of patients on ventilators, apparent corpses on the streets in Wuhan, and highly transmissible “variants”. What do all these things have in common? They cause fear and anxiety. They are devices used to not only weave a narrative but to instill a belief in people’s minds that they must comply and listen to the various witch doctors that are propped up in the mainstream media as experts.

They are very much like the cult leader demanding that people they don’t know and care about drink the Kool aid in order to avoid a painful and horrible death.

We hear this all the time.

You take the vaccine and when you get COVID-19, it won’t be as bad as it would have been.

I remember a headline where a man died of COVID-19. He was vaccinated, but the authorities say that it would have been worse if he hadn’t got the shot.

It is ironic really — even with the vaccines introduced to the population– people are still getting COVID-19, they are being hospitalized and they are dying.

What is the difference between now and two years ago without the vaccine?

No one can ever answer that question because it causes confusion in people. It triggers a deprogram mechanism that people fight against — it is all due to a kind of voodoo that has been successfully turning people into obedient shills.Television: The Number 1 Tool For Social Engineering and Mass Mind Control – Be Brilliant

This incessant fear-porn can be likened to a form of “black magic”, causing suffering and death in its own right, which, is a curious yet well-documented and very “real” phenomenon.

The COVID-19 phenomenon has seen the development of a “Covidian Curse”, with people obeying senseless “tribal regulations” such as mask-wearing, “social distancing”, mRNA vaccination and the obsessive use of sanitizers.

Seen in this context, we see the development of a modern-day Covidian cult that is no different that the primitive tribesman who fall to the desires of a witch doctor.

We can see now the people are suggestible when they really have no information about the alternatives.

Dr. S. D. Porteus, studied primitive life extensively in the Pacific Islands and Africa and found that social interaction was of key importance for primitive peoples in rendering themselves resistant to all manner of mysterious and malicious influences. Of course, man’s need for social interaction is well-known, a need as well as a right which for many people has been left unfulfilled.

The social restrictions that have been levied on us, from distancing, not going to church or meetings or even outdoor events are an intricate part of the ritual as people cannot congregate and give each other advice and help others develop hope.

Emotions can impact the sympathico-adrenal system, which, as a consequence of prolonged activation, fear and dread accomplishes this. Adversarial news and commentary also creates an energy as well. This can also crate the fight or flight mechanism– by the time the person is immersed in all of this emotional hyper reality they become too exhausted to fight back,

The physiological effects of prolonged stress, anxiety and fear are well-known to be destructive and yet this has been downplayed during the last two years of constant COVID-19 fear and the encouragement of prolonged anxiety –when there is absolutely no need for it.

It has been done on purpose in order to continue this ritualized torture. This is not conspiracy theory – this is hex death and voodoo death that should be seen as a crime against humanity.

Voodoo death is brought on by shocking emotional stress-that leads to obvious or repressed terror.

Excess deaths in communities subjected to the Covid terror campaign with increased access to the internet, TVs, and radios, may be considered inevitable, or at the very least, explainable, without the need for a pathogenic agent.US COVID-19 deaths hit 600,000, equal to yearly cancer toll

Needless to say, irrational behavior has been one of the hallmarks of the Covid Curse. Think about restaurants where people enter wearing a mask only to take it off when they sit down at the table. Think of the sanitizers outside shops and malls, the cheap temperature guns from China, the cloth masks with gaping holes in them. None of it makes logical sense and it’s not meant to.

All of these things serve a purpose, which is to establish rituals and “tribal regulations”, that when broken instill fear and anxiety.

You can call it satanic if you like –and if you do perhaps consistency dictates that getting the vaccine is the choice we have been coerced to take –which destroys agency and makes the one who curses you all the more powerful.

But to break it down in this fashion will anger people who have already made the choice or have been threatened into making the choice.

Imagine all of those people at Jonestown that didn’t want to drink the grape Kool-aid but were held down and forced to do so– I am sorry if this offends you bit it is a very simple analogy that I believe applies here,

The whole exercise is terrifying even without a coronavirus to scare us.

In modern times, doctors use the terms “placebo effect” and “nocebo effect” to refer to the phenomenon that occurs when a patient’s beliefs cause his illness to either improve or worsen. According to research, the “placebo effect” accounts for most (if not all) of the benefits of antidepressants – a staggering conclusion considering that millions of people around the world are prescribed these drugs every year.

One then has to wonder why doctors feel it is OK to risk brain fog, suicide, vomiting, insomnia and the myriad other “side effects” that can be caused by these drugs when a similar benefit can be achieved by the use of sugar pills.

The power of the mind and its ability to affect miraculous healings represents one of the most incredible breakthroughs ever made in the history of medicine and yet it has been grossly ignored by the mainstream establishment. Why? Because it doesn’t fit into the belief box of materialist science, nor does it suit the profit-driven pharmaceutical establishment.

Think of all of the news programs on ever network. Take a look at who sponsors them.

Most of the news programs on the air at this time are sponsored by Pfizer and all of the drugs they pimp to people that have nasty side effects.Brought To You By Pfizer” - How Big Pharma Sponsors Mainstream Media

Now you want to know what is exceptionally hideous?

Not only have they conned people into getting the vaccine — not only has our President used dictatorial powers to mandate their use on everyone under threat, but the dug companies also knowing full well that the vaccine does not meet up to expectations have now developed a billion-dollar opportunity be creating a drug that treats Covid-19.

They have hurriedly developed a new drug, they are now rushing it through a clinical trial , and will announce it to the world as the Covid cure we’ve all been waiting for, except no one’s been waiting for it because Covid isn’t any more deadly than the flu, and can be treated by easy-to-procure, inexpensive means.

But hey, you did your part — you got the jab and in some cases you had to –and guess what there is a drug on the way — how nice.

Just in case you haven’t heard and probably you haven’t as you are waitng in line for your second jab and your multiple boosters– “Molnupiravir” is now being prepped by Merk.

Merck’s latest poison is being promoted as an effective treatment against COVID-19…but wait – what were the vaccines for?

Oh yea, the voodoo ritual — that is so outrageous and is tin foil hat stuff.

This unapproved –yes, unapproved drug costs $700 per course and the US government has just agreed to buy 1.7m courses. That’s a 1.2 BILLION dollar investment. The deal is part of the Biden administration’s pledge to “respond to the health needs of the public”, but, in actuality, it’s simply a money-siphoning operation, with the American public coming off as fools.

Molnupiravir is being sold to the public as the next big breakthrough in COVID-19 treatment off the back of what appears to be a single study, which was never even completed. Furthermore, the study was conducted by Merck (the makers of the drug), who chose not to disclose any adverse events. If that isn’t suspicious enough, the study was never published in a peer-reviewed journal.Merck Covid pill: Asian countries are rushing to buy molnupiravir but poor countries could miss out - CNN

Media press releases are apparently the new standard when it comes to evaluating medical treatments. After all, why would you wait for independent confirmation of your results or objective peer-review when you can get paid journalists, without a shred of medical expertise, to convince the public that they need your new drug?

If government scientists with integrity were in charge of assessing Molnupiravir, not bribed pharma shills, they may be alarmed at the lack of testing or the failure to disclose adverse events.

But they won’t — they don’t have to — all they have to do is condemn the use of supplements, and cry out that Ivermectin is a horse de-wormer and immediately people will be at their doctors offices requesting this new drug –and they will forget all about the vaccine –and then the truth about why it was mandated will be awful and brutal.

How does it feel to be fooled by the magician? The voodoo practitioner? How does it feel to have the bone pointed at you when you get that positive COVID-19 diagnosis after that swab goes up your nose?

As was obvious from the very beginning of the “pandemic” when nutritional medicine experts were slandered in the press for recommending “lethal” doses of vitamins, world health has been hijacked by the profit-hungry, empathy-dead, toxic cartel of Big Pharma “medicine”, and our governments have been in bed with them all along.

Furthermore, this has been going on longer than most people think. In fact, more than a decade earlier, governments were locking in billion-dollar deals to buy stockpiles of “Tamiflu”, an equally useless influenza drug that was later found to have no effect on reducing hospitalizations, deaths or complications from influenza.

In fact, Tamiflu was subsequently found to cause a raft of serious adverse reactions including delirium, panic attacks and even hallucinations. The “milder” side effects include nausea and vomiting.

In 2020, an unsealed whistleblower lawsuit revealed that drug company Hoffman-La Roche, the maker of Tamiflu, misrepresented clinical studies and made false claims regarding the effectiveness of the drug to treat influenza.Exposing the Trouble With Tamiflu - Harris Lowry Manton LLP

With this in mind, think about how the drug companies are now telling you that it is again time to get that influenza vaccine — because getting a Covid jab is not enough.

Can anyone see that this is madness?

Before I get all of those nasty emails telling me that I am no scientist, I am fully well-studied in occult rituals, whether they be religious or even para-religions.

I can see parallels in the ritualism being carried out for COVID-19 and the voodoo rituals that have been witnessed by archaeologists and some of the drug scouts that see how not only bodily poisons work but how destructive psychology works.

In pattern seeking and dot connecting, there is one truth that I have learned in the many years I have been studying these human conditions. our reality is probabilistic.

In other words, the future is never certain. And most empowering of all is the realization that we have the power to influence those probabilities by focusing our intention.

By allowing ourselves to buy into the fear, we become like the naive tribesman who, unaware of his personal power and at the mercy of his own beliefs, sets his intention to die. Unknowingly, he has directly altered the set of probabilities that will determine his future and all that is left to do is wait for the wave function to collapse.

We should never forfeit our agency and understand that those who wish to take it from us are oppressors –Oppressors have never been good guys and master manipulators that rape us of or agency learn their trade form a single source.

I will leave it up to you to decide what source that is.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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