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Clyde Lewis | October 25, 2021


It was a cold and stormy weekend as the remnants of a bomb cyclone brought heavy rain and wind to my neighborhood. What was most disconcerting was how dark everything was this weekend. The clouds were very heavy and blocked the sunlight. It was so dark that I slept in unto 1 in the afternoon.

I am usually up at around 10 am — so without the light beaming through the windows, my body still thought it was night-time.

My wife and Liam had to leave on Saturday, and they told me they would be gone most of the day. So I got me some coffee and did a little reading and thought that I would catch a random horror film — on this random channel that I have found that is running a potpourri of haunted films.

One of the films that aired was a little gem called “The Prodigy.” I vaguely remember seeing it in the theaters of maybe on a late-night movie run on FX. I remember it being about an evil kid — and wrote it off as some Omen rip off and I did not watch it — this time though, I watched it and thought that critics be damned this show was a good scary movie on a dark Saturday afternoon.

The Prodigy is about possession. But it is not the devil that possesses a little boy in this film, it is the spirit of a psychopathic killer. Now mind you the writers and the directors don’t really give you a reason why this happened. It is like Disney’s Freaky Friday meets The Exorcist or that cheesy movie that came out with Vince Vaughn called “Freaky.”Film Review: The Prodigy — Strange Harbors

However, The Prodigy is quite disturbing and if you don’t mind a few jump scares the idea of a body swap or soul swap is a great trope for a horror movie but there is a phenomenon that of course exists in the realms of the paranormal where souls or spirits can transfer into the dead.

This type of soul transference can be found in the Bible where Jesus cast out demons and put them into the bodies of pigs. It can also be said that alchemists and those who practice the Left-hand Path have found a way to submit to the dwellers of the threshold. They are not necessarily demonic but souls that are waiting in the periphery – a place known as the “guf.”The 7th Sign – Apocalypse is now | Images and Imagination

In Hebrew, “guf” literally means “body,” and this “storehouse of souls” was literally thought of as a body. It was a body of souls that existed in the seventh heaven. The Zohar, the chief kabbalistic text of Judaism, elaborates on the myth and stated that God hewed all who would be born from his Throne of Glory and placed them in the Guf.

The Guf was talked about in the 1988 film, The Seventh Sign, the Guf’s emptiness precipitates the End Times, though the film conflated Judaic and Christian mythology.

However, what would happen if science decided to give credibility to the concepts found in the bible; especially those dealing with life here on earth and the possibility of the afterlife and whether or not the soul or the human essence moves on to another dimension or through ritual can move to another body and possess it?

Perhaps it escapes what is called the “brane” winds up in the “bulk” of “guf” and then moves on to another dimension or it can inhabit another body.

This, of course, is called reincarnation but the ritual to transfer souls would be seen as the Dark Nexus of possibility.

We are told that science does not play in this realm but ritualism in secret societal enclaves and alchemical wizardry turns science on its ear.

We know that science has no problem with playing in the realms of entanglements with the idea of superposition , where you can be on two places at once and panpsychism, which explores the possibility that all things have consciousness.

It must be an interesting question to ponder: where do all the souls come from? A person grows from a tiny seed into a human being, with desires and motivation and personality, only to end in death. Where does the energy go? Thus came the concept of the soul; a part of us that survives after death. The concept of a soul, an animating force, is common throughout the mythologies of the world.

There are good souls and pad souls –and of course demonic souls that are not seen in either as we have learned to tune them out — an yet there are those who are intuitive that can feel their presence –and when they decide to possess a human body we then have to consult a spiritual advisor or a psychologist to weed the demons out of the mind,

Skeptics seem to deny or “bracket” the reality of demonic inheritance on the basis that it does not conform to the demands of cognitive normalcy.

Going back to biblical history, it has been noted that from the Garden of Eden to the times of Nephilim, the objective of the adversaries were to corrupt the bloodline of God. the object of the demonic sorcerer is the perfection of man as a form of homunculi — that is a broad definition of the master and slave.NNN / 1537 - Homunculus: the Semi-Human

Not just physical slavery but spiritual slavery as well.

You are chained to the master wearing the yolk of a damned soul.

From the biblical fall of man, we have the doctrine of original sin, meaning the sin of Father Adam to his progeny. Simply put – the demonic conspiracy is a biological attack on humankind that throws mind, body, and soul into a state of despair and dread.

Every human has its designated “other” meaning the darker self or the external darker entity or disease that has been there to destroy us from birth.

There is something that has been known as the “dweller” on the threshold theory “where it is said that there is an invisible malevolent entity that attaches to a human being. It is a creation that has been manifested by humans that is waiting to come down and reveal itself.”

In theosophical literature, Helena P. Blavatsky affirms that the Dweller is not a fictitious entity. It is the discarded astral double of an individual in a previous life that may not have fully disintegrated yet when that individual is reborn. Thus the dweller will be drawn to the new incarnated personality due to their affinity. Sometimes this entity is also called Guardian of the Threshold.

There are some people who claim that they see these beings when they have out of body or near death experiences. There is also the same type of description of hybridized human forms or doppelgangers or even changelings that can actually “walk in” and replace the original pilot soul that we received at birth.

There are many people that claim that either they or a family member or even a spouse has been a victim or recipient of a walk in spirit and that this happened after a traumatic or near death event.

It has been implied that much of the philosophy surrounding the Dwellers on the threshold is pure fiction that was pushed by the Theosophists of the early 20th century.

However, isn’t it compelling to note that while these beings are allegedly a product of our wicked thoughts, Carl Jung cites that our collective unconscious is creating a need for a newly formed spiritual hierarchy, where something that is beyond the comprehension of a Satan or Devil is now being inherited by families and is passed on from generation to generation.

We may be in the process of accepting the polytheistic mythos of guardians that are remnants of ourselves waiting outside in the darkness ready attach themselves to our consciousness making us a part of some demonic hive mind.

Many studies have demonstrated that consciousness is not a byproduct of the brain, but rather that the brain is simply a tool of consciousness — a biocomputer, if you will and that when the body dies, consciousness continues to exist in different forms.

Once again the question needs to be asked, where does our consciousness go? There are many religious dogmas that explain this but what if science gave credibility to the notion and that without a heaven or a hell, that on some subatomic level consciousness moves on to another dimension.

However it has been the alchemists challenge to bottle up the soul for the purpose of transference — putting it into the body of a corpse or in the body of an animal as a familiar.

Keep in mind that this is not about religion; it is about science seizing religion and finding proof of what was simply called mythological or unknowable.

What is frightening is if science was to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the afterlife was an escape from the dimensional “brane” to the “bulk” and then we were given a choice for a do over, the afterlife would no longer be a final reward – it would be seen as an opportunity to erase yourself from this timeline and go to one where you can get a fresh start.

You could also have the choice to inhabit a new body — the soul then can be traced tracked and then transferred into someone else.

Our thoughts and conjectures about life and the universe are often based on assumptions, unproven theories, hearsay, rumors, and misinformation. Decisions we make in life may be based on ancient attitudes and archaic practices. Mythologies, astrology, prophecy, both biblical and non-biblical, shape the way we see the world.

Beyond the voices are the visions of precognitive and retro-cognitive experiences. In the ether of the subconscious, we replay all of the experiences we have had, and at other moments, we have dreams that are precognitive that sometimes warn us of great danger.

Those visions that leap from the ether into our dimensional reality are apparitions.

Many people are now having these experiences – they are not as rare as they used to be and so there are scores of TV shows and investigation groups that are all over your cable channels. These groups are out to prove that you are hallucinating, or they are actually trying to uncover the hidden realms where these monsters and demons hide.

Thirty years ago, no one would even think of seeking ghosts or even using all sorts of electronics to try and catch them – times have changed.

The paradigm is shifting, the veil is lifting, and events are baffling. We all seem to concede that all of the massive change can be attributed to God, angels, demons or ghosts.

But the Transmigration of souls in the Dark nexus of possibility — has us question the idea that the soul jsut drifts away– or can it be captured and absorbed by another body?

Alchemy is best known for its belief that lead can be transmuted into gold. However, the transmutation of non-precious metals into gold is simply a metaphor for the soul being freed from a “dead, leaden state of mind,” to that of realizing its own light nature and that is derived from pure spirit.

The alchemists believed that the basis of the material world was a Prima Materia, or prime chaotic matter, which might be actuated into existence if impressed by “form.” The “forms” arose in the shape of the elements, earth, water, fire, and air. The Alchemists deduced that the limitless varieties of life were created out of the blending of the elements in particular proportions.Prima Materia. Today we will look in greater depth at… | by Colm Holland |  Colm Holland's 40 Days of Alchemy Meditations at home. | Medium

If we view the Prima Materia, the original state of matter, as being the original, pure, raw state of consciousness, from which all states of consciousness emerged, mineral, vegetable, animal, and human, and if we view the philosopher’s stone as the state of illuminated consciousness whilst in the earthly body, and as we see that elements can change when heated or cooled — can the same be said for the alchemical practice of transmigration?

The alchemical principal of “solve et coagula,” or dissolve and coagulate, has been used with several processes of purification in order to transfer the soul of one to the other.

The form the soul is caught in at the time (the self) must first be dissolved in order to free the soul so that it can rise (in consciousness) to experience a purer and subtler form, which can then be re-coagulated and experienced as the “new self.”

The final stage is what is called the new normal or the new world man. As the soul incarnates, or descends into the worldly body, the latter has been tempered to be a more suitable vehicle or psyche, which is then coagulated with the soul to form the “self “that has awakened the body and mind to express its nature the spirit has been materialized and the material body spiritualized.

It can be argued that the world at this moment in time has been coerced into a ritual of sorts that will change the way we see humanity. Our souls are slowly being broken down and our DNA is being toyed with so that we can accept the bitter truth about our existence.

Souls or mental states of consciousness have been altered en masse as the fear of death has created what alchemists call the blackening process –which is the first process before the purification or the “new man” process.

There is no question that the new man is the replacement for God.

I know that looking around, it may be uncomfortable to realize that our concepts of where humanity is going are changing. The present seems to have the appearance of the dark future that we have read about in the bible.

Health care, DNA databases, genetics directives, and groups that have the power over life and death are now being put into play– your soul is next and there are many technocrats that wish to have uploading our minds to the Internet.

Again, science would have to digitize the soul in order to make this alchemical challenge complete.

Transhumanism’s admitted ultimate goal is the total merging of humans and robots. However there are some who see transhumanism as technocratic Luciferianism where the satanic ideology of supplanting God has led to a grotesque effort to override nature and achieve immortality and in some cases, become walking gods on Earth.

It has been suggested that this idea is rooted in an occult belief first developed in the sixteenth century by Isaac Luria, father of the New Kabbalah, and the godfather of Rosicrucianism. Luria’s idea was that man was evolving through time to become God.Perplexed by the Guides? – The Forward

It shall be accomplished on the dark nexus of possibility.

Through transhumanism, it has been proposed that man can not only become like a god, but he can also create a god by merging man with machine. Mankind wants to build a better man or as some would say, build a better Antichrist.

Now we know the very thing that we have been warned to fear has been accumulating at a steady pace for a good long time. Perhaps there was some indefinable year in the last century where a Luciferian technocratic apotheosis was created and the blueprint was forged, the names and faces were changed to gradually reinvent the image of the Antichrist as an empathetic simulated human that is externally linked to machines and dedicated to a Luciferian agenda.

Post-modernist and known philosopher Jean Baudrillard had proposed that a cynical world would eventually simulate God or even a Christ figure and this would be the ultimate act of deceit and betrayal.An Introduction to Jean Baudrillard, Who Predicted the Simulation-Like  Reality in Which We Live | Open Culture

In his book, “Simulacra and Simulations” Baudrillard states:

“But what if God himself can be simulated, that is to say, reduced to the signs which attest his existence? Then the whole system becomes weightless; it is no longer anything but a gigantic simulacrum: not unreal, but a simulacrum, never again exchanging for what is real, but exchanging in itself, in an uninterrupted circuit without reference or circumference.”

The simulation would be the reality – and it would be hard to differentiate what is a god, demon, alien or man.

In the future he could be all of the above– and more.

In order for the betrayal to work, the people must be willing participants in contributing to its sustenance.

How can this plan be carried out? Well, if all that we have been taught in the churches are true, then we can bank on retro-causality and how it has already demonstrated through the metaphoric Mark of the Beast that acceptance of technological Luciferianism can be keen to the intellect and that if we have been tested many of us have already failed the test and are already putting into process the gradual devolution of mankind through the execution of transhumanist ideologies.

Taking the soul and uploading it would literally take away all of the sensor capabilities for the body — literally making you a ghost that activates a body of flesh but with no pain or pleasure being felt.

It’s essential to know that our bodies are literally covered with sensors – chemical, mechanical, visual, thermal, proprioceptive where we have perception of the body, noniceptive where we feel or perceive pain. All of them inform the brain about the outside world this gives us exteroception.

They also inform the brain of the inner world or interoception, allowing it to regulate the body. The majority of our brain is actually dedicated to the processing of sensory information, and the largest part of that is devoted to visual information, occupying the entire occipital lobe and large parts of the temporal and parietal lobes. We are mostly visual beings who, incidentally, think.

If someone wants to “upload his entire mind to a computer,” the problem of sensors must be solved. A quick and dirty solution could be to not worry about them and just pretend that all sensory neurons would remain silent forever.

This would mean that while we will be able to literally put a ghost in a box, all sensory stimulation will be gone forever. If a ghost was to be put into a box or a computer it may not like it. If you uploaded your consciousness into a computer or a neuro-network, you would function electronically – every chemical reaction would bubble in the ether but there would be no pleasure or no pain no sensory perception of what a body would feel.

Consequently, if we want to “upload our soul ” without going insane, it’s imperative for the uploaded soul to be connected to an artificial body that can perceive the outside world and act on it. But what kind of artificial body do we have today? Robotic bodies where retinas are replaced by cameras and muscles by motors? To some extent, yes, but this solution would be only a pale replica, far from the complexity and intelligence of the human body.

Speaking from a paranormal perspective, we can now understand why ghosts are tortured souls. They are trapped in the earth’s magnetic veil without sensory perception.

The most skeptical researchers believe that all ghostly phenomena have rational explanations. Those who try to prove the existence of ghosts, however, claim that while some events have rational explanations, others can only be supernatural in origin. Regardless of whether ghosts are real, many people find them fascinating. This fascination has a number of likely causes, from curiosity about what happens to people after death to the comforting idea that deceased loved ones are still nearby.

It can be said that in order to figure out what ghosts or souls are you must mix Science with Séance.

This would mean that while we, will be able to literally put a ghost in a box – all sensory stimulation will be gone forever. If a ghost was to be put into a box or a computer it may not like it. If you uploaded your consciousness into a computer or a neuronetwork, you would function electronically – every chemical reaction would bubble in the ether but there would be no pleasure or no pain no sensory perception of what a body would feel.

Ghosts, spirits or souls we are learning, can function outside the body. This is why there is a keen interest in taking your neuromagnetic ghost and uploading it to a computer or even a robotic body.

Our cognition depends on the interactions we have with the world, and this interaction is conveyed by both our perceptions and our actions. If you change them, you also change the sensory experience of the world as well as its underlying logic.

Cognition is embodied.

Obviously, death is a process and cognition after death may not be as easy as one would think.

But through ritual and patience, the dark nexus of possibility tells us that we all will be given a choice for our souls to explore or be enslaved.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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