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Clyde Lewis | October 20, 2021


In order to prepare for tonight’s show, I spent the weekend watching films where the chief protagonist was a psychopath. Three films fit the bill “Spiral: A Saw Story,” “Halloween Kills,” and “Joker.”

Two of them were considered slasher or torture films while “Joker” shows us how a psychopath is nurtured and created.

Psychopaths freely and actively operating in societies keep it in continual conflict, competition and infantilism with all their attending poverty, crime, waste, inefficiency, pollution, and general exploitation of the peaceful by the more aggressive. Psychopaths promote sociopathy arising among those not empathetically handicapped, as the rest of society mimic their behaviors in an attempt to compete and survive.

The price we pay is that all our organs of society such as education, economics, governance, welfare, health and even science, have evolved to operate at the cognitive level and processes of the psychopath. Even more so, collective organizations like for instance, the corporation, with its goals, structures and processes are modeled largely on the workings of the psychopathic mind.

Look no further than Hollywood to see the outlines of narrative changes. The comeback of the films dealing with psychopaths and the murders they carry out is a way by which Hollywood tries to rehabilitate or at least create a narrative on how to acclimate the world to look at psychopaths as anti-heroes with some people actually cheering on the body counts.Scariest Portrayals of Serial Killers in TV and Movies

The rehabilitation and acceptance of psychotic behavior is everywhere. In everything. The normalizing of this ruthless threatening style helps normalize and make coherent what is going on behind the scenes in the most powerful areas of the world.

There are numerous obvious storytelling staples; the problems in any global situation are the result of a few bad apples or rogue agents. It is never that the institution is corrupt or intentionally causing death and suffering.

We narrow down the image of this type of treachery with a psychotic clown or a supernatural masked killer.

The world is depicted as if threat existed on every corner and such trivial things such as torture or political manipulations are both routine and absolutely crucial to keep you feeling that you are safe –and that it is all harmless entertainment.

Until it happens to you.

The psychopath, through some probable peri-natal or early infancy psycho-neurological trauma, compounded possibly by a genetic propensity becomes locked into the infantile cognitive-emotional template and never moves down the path of developing empathy through exploring mutually beneficial relationships.

Unfortunately, modern education has evolved largely based on the exact same cognitive template as that of the psychopath. It trains us to think like a psychopath and without any restraint, to become somewhat sociopathic.

Because the psychopath’s thinking has evolved to overwhelmingly dominate in competitive and conflict-based environments and because we have accepted competition as our default economic and even social dynamic, modern education attempts to equip us to become competent under those sociopathic rules and conditions.

The conditioning of fear and perhaps the idea of the misunderstanding of the psychopath leads some into a from of Stockholm syndrome where we sympathize with those who hold us in a state of fear.

Hollywood send the message in the well worn narrative.

So routine is the seduction of the audience with the blood-spattered violence that it passes without comment.

The psychopathic personality is the ideal evolutionary adaption to conflict or competitive environments, even to chaotic environments. His tactic as an opportunistic ruthless “throat slasher” lets him move fast by making self-serving decisions unhindered by concerns of any further levels of consequence which may well be borne by others or the environment, like “Collateral Damage” in the aftermath and the count of all of the body bags that are zipped up and sent away in refrigerator trucks.

We are so acclimated to it-that it can be compared to paper cut. It stings for a second and then we just get on with our lives accepting psychopathy as a way of life, and accident of our existence,

But reality is becoming cruel teacher and people that you thought you could trust are now turning on you and this is something that is rarely discussed especially in politics.

Criminals are sometimes allowed to do their handiwork in order to empower the elite to take away rights.

We have been told that gun crimes are up and so are homicides all giving a growing problem that needs a solution. We all know what the problem is –and eventually the slow burn of stories dealing with gun wielding psychopaths will give precedent for gun laws and other restrictions.

It is inevitable.

Police are now being defunded in some places — others are either being fired or walking off their jibs because of vaccine mandates — this is all a deliberate mess and it invites the kind of murderous psychopaths to move about without consequence.

This is a terrifying narrative –and makes the horror all that more real.

When I was a newsman for an up-and-coming, 1CNN affiliate, I was given the responsibility to report the crime beat. I thought that the job would be limited to listening to police radios and reporting the latest murder, robbery, or assault. While these stories are part of the crime beat, I just happened to be in the right department at the right time. The OJ Simpson trial was my department, and the trial became such a popular spectator sport that we actually set up a low powered AM radio station that ran out of the broadcast facility’s break room.

It actually showed up in the quarterly ratings tallies and I was shocked. I asked management if I could put together a number of “criminal profiles” of other famous cases like The Zodiac Killer, Son of Sam, Ted Bundy and of course, Charles Manson.The Problem With Pop Culture's White Male Serial Killer Obsession | Teen  Vogue

The challenge wasn’t in giving the raw data and the body count, it was in finding certain types of parallels between the killers and how a little charisma mixed with a warped sense of reality adds up to a body count.

It was interesting to find that believe it or not psychopaths show up in about 5 percent of the population of the United States. We have approximately 300 million Americans which means that there are 15 million psychopaths and potential predators among us.

When I speak of psychopaths, I am sure there are plenty of images that run through your mind of what one is, however the creepy thing that occurred to me that while we have about 15 million out there we are completely unaware of how a psychopath operates. People only assume that psychopaths are always vicious or appear to be crazy. The truth is that they blend in well and finding a psychopath can be as hard as trying to find Waldo in one of those old puzzle books.

Psychopaths are compelled to acquire powerful positions; they often resist critique and scrutiny and develop a network of followers and disciples that are unaware that they are being manipulated. Most of the disciples are damaged goods but not so damaged as to not carry out the wishes of the psychopath.

Psychopaths succeed because they use many tools of manipulation, charm, intimidation and sometimes violence in order to procure their position of power. A psychopath has a knack for glibness, a grandiose sense of who they think they are, a lack of empathy and a failure to be accountable or accept responsibility.

Now it would be an easy jump to say that all psychopaths become murderers, however the degree of the disposition can lead to disregard for human life and from there we see the psychopath act upon their desires to eliminate anyone or anything that gets in the way of their power trip.

The question is what happens to the psychopath that wants all of the power but wants to distance himself from all of the nastiness of killing those who gets in the way?

They lay in wait for their moment to bully and coerce people into doing something that could eventually harm or kill them.

It was 8 years ago this week that I along with my crew flew out to Martinez, California to do a paranormal investigation at Martinez Gazette.No photo description available.

We worked directly with the Central Valley Paranormal Group because they were called to investigate the possibility that the ghost of the Zodiac Killer was haunting the offices of the newspaper.Martinez News-Gazette To End Publishing | Martinez, CA Patch

The idea of trauma and fear was used by the Zodiac Killer and has he was doing his dirty work he believed he was gathering slaves for the afterlife. He enjoyed the kill and said that man was the most dangerous animal.

“I Like Killing People Because It Is So Much Fun It Is More Fun Than Killing Wild Game In The Forrest Because Man Is The Most Dangerous Animal Of All To Kill Something Gives Me The Most Thrilling Experience It Is Even Better Than Getting Your Rocks Off With A Girl The Best Part Of It Is That When I Die I Will Be Reborn In Paradise And Those I Have Killed Will Become My Slaves I Will Not Give You My Name Because You Will Try To Slow Down Or Stop My Collecting Of Slaves For Afterlife E B E O R I E T E M E T H H P I T I”The Zodiac Killer - Screen 5 on FlowVella - Presentation Software for Mac  iPad and iPhoneKnowing that the Zodiac wanted to take slaves into the afterlife, it is only natural that he would be active in the beyond haunting a 155 year old newspaper building.

On October 17th, 2013, I was asked to investigate a claim by Central Valley Paranormal that the former editor of  The Gazette, Richard Gaikowski, who died in 2004 was haunting the building.File:Richard Gaikowski.gif - Wikimedia Commons

Some people believe that Gaikowski was Zodiac. I must say that for the first time in my life as a paranormal investigator I have never been involved in a case that left me more terrified.

While I was broadcasting on the air during a live remote, I was interviewing Crystal Willett of the paranormal group. I was asking her some very direct questions about her relationship with this ghost that claimed to be the Zodiac. She answered many of my questions. However, half way through my interview with her she broke down and cried. I could see the terror in her face and I felt helpless and needed to somehow gain control of my show while still trying to help her. Whatever triggered the tears decided to come after me.

I felt my throat close up and I began to choke. My body began to freeze up, there was a cold sensation that moved down by back into my legs and my muscles felt like they were going to burst. I couldn’t continue the show, and lost all control of my emotions. I felt like I was going to die, and all I could do was cry out and leave the table where I was broadcasting.

Zodiac Connections: Clyde's On-Air Panic Attack - YouTube

I later learned that across the room the ghost hunters were calling out to the Zodiac and antagonizing him — this was dangerous as it aggravated the spirit in the room.

As the night went on we used motion sensor cameras in the attic and near the desk where Gaikowski once sat. There were at least three remarkable photographs out of the many that showed an orb, another orb with a ghoulish face below and a large billowing cloud like figure that did not look human or like anything we have seen before.

No one could explain what the pictures were; only that perhaps these entities were somehow connected to the Zodiac in the afterlife.

We then used the ghost box on the air and listeners also participated in talking to the ghosts many of them answering questions about the murders that took place in the East bay area from 1968 to 1970. The Zodiac claimed he killed 37 victims however the police say he killed only 7 and when a listener asked how many, the ghost box said seven as well.

While the investigation yielded nothing definite and while we still do not know if the ghost at the Gazette is truly the Zodiac, there was most certainly a very dark spirit that we were communicating with.

The spirit told us it was Richard Gaikowski the Zodiac and we has evidence that there was something haunting The Gazette.

A few weeks ago, a story broke on TMZ that the case of the Zodiac had been solved.

A group calling themselves, The Case Breakers, a team of over 40 volunteers from law enforcement, military, legal and academic backgrounds, made the claim that they solved the mystery.

They say new physical and forensic evidence all connect a man named Gary Francis Poste to the infamous slayings. The group – whose website boasts fresh leads on several high-profile cases – says Poste is also “a very strong suspect” in the death of a teen girl hundreds of miles away, a case never linked to the Zodiac.Who is 'Zodiac Killer' Gary Poste's wife? He pushed Mary Poste, 74, down  the stairs | MEAWW

Among the new claims are similarities between Poste and a 1969 police sketch of the Zodiac, and in particular, the “irrefutable” likeness of scars on their foreheads.

The Case Breakers also say deciphered letters from the Zodiac contain anagrams of Poste’s name.

However, the media failed to state that their findings have not closed the case.

These so-called Case Breakers are the same group that claimed that D.B. Cooper was Robert Rackstraw and of course, their findings come right out of Hollywood and their specious findings have not changed the minds of those who have been investigating the mysterious criminals for decades.

The FBI is not buying the “case closed” reports from the group and the media.

Frank Falzon, a former San Francisco PD homicide investigator—also says Poste isn’t the Zodiac, and says his name never came up as a suspect in the original investigation. 

Tom Voigt, who runs the website and wrote the book, “Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts,” told Rolling Stone “these so-called experts” are spewing Zodiac Killer: Just the Facts eBook : Voigt, Tom, Edwards, Guy:  Kindle Store

“This is hot garbage,” he told the magazine “I don’t know why it got any coverage at all.”

All of the murders believed by authorities to have been committed by the Zodiac Killer occurred between December 1968 and October 1969. The case was inactive for three years before San Francisco cops reopened it in 2007 after advances in DNA testing motivated investigators to try and solve the mystery again.

It was because of a 1969 letter to several San Francisco newspapers that the murderer became known as the Zodiac Killer. Either a gun or a knife was used in the slayings.

Some say the truth is out there, there are others who don’t take the time to have truth pointed out to them and while we cannot know all truth it is best to be open to being teachable because sometimes, we don’t fully recognize the impact of something until we have taken time to evaluate in our heads just what is really going on.

We don’t see a lot of things and yet we are told they are real. No one sees air until the wind blows, no one sees the radiation cloud until it clicks cycles on a Geiger counter, you don’t see radio waves, and yet you hear them on a radio and people do not see or hear ghosts until they wind up on a night vision camera or digital recorder.

It is a challenge to open our eyes and understand that there seems to be a paranormal elephant in the room. We all can interpret it in many ways but when it charges at you, it is an experience that will convince you that there are more things in heaven and earth that can be dreamt of in any philosophy.

Written by Clyde Lewis


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