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Clyde Lewis | October 18, 2021


I have been reading various religious websites to see what most are saying about the Mark of the Beast and the coming reset and how it has all the makings of an oppressive beast system.

In order to build back better, we have to decimate and destroy all that we have fought for and constructed.

Yes, these are the new times, the new normal and people wish to kill the past but there is so much to learn before one chapter closes and another one opens in the devil’s play book.

We have been told on various occasions that the gates of hell have opened. We have also been told that various black masses have been performed to conjure various demons from Asmodeus, Abyzou, Pazuzu, and Ahriman Angra Manyu.

I have been thinking that many people are cynical about the devil and the power that exists as you walk the left-hand path. However, the devil seems to be making a comeback and there is plenty of empirical evidence to suggest that perhaps the gates have been left ajar and the devil is putting on a remarkable show of evil and oppression.

The evidence for a dark order of demons working overtime is overwhelming. The dark command excels at obfuscation, masquerades, illusion, warped truth, confusion, false flags, committing crimes and letting patsies take the blame, calling evildoers good and the least evil bad, and setting others up.

We see Satan’s handy work when we hear of the various provocations, between police and the people they serve. We see the cryptocracy that is run by various Luciferian henchmen that resort to promising all manner of things which are sometimes but rarely delivered.

We can assume that the price of the soul is up for the highest bidder. We are now seeing that the tool of the threat of death is being used as a way for people to absolutely lose their humanity and it is effective as many people are now rejecting faith — and replacing it with the worship of the elixir that has been provided by science.

There has to be a unified trust in something that promises a cure or more life. Even though we are seeing that even when it is given — there is still that chance that you will die.

Everyone dies but we should not let its shadow tell us that hope is all but extinguished.

This is what the devil does.

Demonic agents can masquerade as pious religious authorities. They are there to enter in the doors of churches and tarnish the foundations and cornerstones of any religious organization. The demonic agent is devious cunning and straight forward. He can talk you into making something immoral keen to the intellect.Fort Worth Televangelist Blows 'Wind of God' on COVID-19. | Central Track

We have all been warned in our Sunday school worship that as the end times draw near, the devil seeks to destroy all that God has created and to bring as many human souls down to the pit as he possibly can. We see that human behavior has been coerced into becoming less sympathetic and more vengeful and hateful over the years.

Terms for these types of behaviors range from “moral insanity” to “social malignancy” and demonic possession.

Possession is the behavioral buzz word that strikes up visions of spinning heads and spewing of green vomit but that is all Hollywood. Some of those possessed are fully functional and are unaware that they have fallen for the Luciferian agenda.

The media tries to simplify our world into mini sound bites and visuals. They neatly put every issue and every crisis into a box and beam it into your home. There are stories about struggles against all odds, miraculous births, untimely deaths, and global conflict. I wonder if it ever occurs to the passive viewer that our planet is far more complicated than what they see on the screen.

Or that a thirty-minute news feed can’t possibly give them perspective on how the daily routine is affected by not only those things we perceive, but by those things that are entirely imperceptible. Cultural narratives are now easily hijacked –and we are learning that many of the things we thought have disappeared from the radar come back and haunt us –and in some paranormal way we realize now that the being afraid and angry has become resurrected American pastime.

Back in 1966, emblazoned in bold red letters on a black Time Magazine cover were the words “Is God Dead?” It was a title of an article that sparked criticism in the clergy as it investigated a trend among theologians to write God out of the field of theology. It outlined how increasingly difficult it became for theologians to make God relevant in an increasingly secular society.Is God Dead?: TIME's Iconic Cover at 50

The title of the cover was based on what Friedrich Nietzsche had written previously about the madman running through the marketplace yelling in German “Gott Ist Tot” or “God is dead” believing that mankind had lost its way.

The madman also believed that there was a satanic cloud over mankind and that they had rejected their morals.

In a contest of evil vs. evil, no one wins, and we find out that – the more we see how the evil oligarchy operates – the more we slowly become like them.

When we reach that point, we will be convinced that science is the dogma to follow, and that God is dead.

This what the Devil does.

Could it be possible that while we are awaiting an Anti-Christ to be named, the position has already been filled and the task now is to make religions political strongholds that follow a false doctrine rather than keeping their original doctrines sacred and hold fast to the idea that there needs to be a modicum of reverence with regard to God and his purpose?

I know that many will feel uncomfortable with this discussion because there are some that think that bringing up and this particular “what if” may engender a sense of disloyalty but why should anyone be part of any group or collective that has been gravely compromised and changed from its original purpose.

It is now far beyond the realm of reality to assume that there could be a world where other interests of the United States could be served. There are other more dire problems that can be solved within religion and politics without having to rehash things we have no control over.

There is a dialogue in Plato’s Republic where Socrates and his friends are talking about the nature of different social, religious and political systems and how they change over time and how one form of government or even core beliefs can slowly evolve into another form; one that over time would be unrecognizable and extremely different than it was before.

The themes of the enemy within in the political spectrum and in the sacred realms of the various religions have often bred the suspicious phantoms that many gave labeled the fallen ones or the demons.

It begins to become more and more evident that we invite the demons and evil spirits into our world by not controlling our bloodletting, our xenophobia, our militant bullying and our ever increasing need to find a scapegoat.

The mind is a very fragile thing, it can be broken open and destructive thoughts can be placed into the collective consciousness or zeitgeist.

A possession of the masses is very easy to achieve.

It is evident today –and what was once sacred is now becoming a profane exercise in suffering and oppression.

This is what the devil does.

In the film, The Usual Suspects, we hear the axiom that many people may have memorized or put to heart, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.”Remember This Line? | Intellectual Takeout


Isn’t it more likely that the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he was God? Wouldn’t that be the most frightening conspiracy of all time?

No one is asking you to believe that the devil is bearded horned figure in a red leotard.

The Devil is a personage of spirit — he is the cancer, the pathogen, and the invisible enemy that is active and is hiding in plain sight.

According to a Gallop Poll 70 percent of Americans believe in his existence. This personification of evil has implications beyond the supernatural, influencing how we think about what it means for people to be “pure evil.” And as we prepare to playfully celebrate the cartoonish nature of fear, death and evil on Halloween night, it’s worth pausing to reflect on true evil and understanding that the devil will never tell you that you have fallen into the trap of evil — because many people do not understand that evil itself is quite banal.

It is not the jack o lanterns, or the zombies, or the blood and vampires. It is not the werewolves or the Ouija boards — it is simply an openness to being possessed and allowing yourself to be talked into giving up your humanity for the promise of knowledge and immortality.

Surely you remember the serpent and how he beguiled eve to take the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. It looked desirable but God told them that id they eat of the fruit they would die.

The serpent told the woman, “You won’t die. God knows that the moment you eat from that tree, you’ll see what’s really going on. You’ll be just like God.”The speech of the serpent | Sarah C. Rudolph | The Blogs

Adam and Eve didn’t die on the spot — but they were told that they eventually would die.

This what the devil does.

Evil has been defined as taking pleasure in the intentional inflicting of harm on innocent others. Evil has often been depicted as the deterrent from the spirit and blood of God. Time in memoriam, the devil wished to corrupt the flesh and blood of humans. Making them more susceptible to demonic possession.

While the supernatural aspect of evil is a terrifying proposal — what is even more chilling is that we can also conclude that grounding of evil is very ordinary, as opposed to extraordinary.

We fins using negative dynamics people become compelled to do things that they would usually abhor or run from.

The issue of whether “pure evil” exists, however, is separate from what happens to our judgments and our behavior when we believe in its existence–and we fall prey to becoming an oppressor or supporting the personage of the beast who is not only the apex predator but also the chief oppressor of liberty and freewill.

Regardless of whether the devil actually exists, belief in the power of human evil seems to have significant and important consequences for how we approach solving problems of real-world wrongdoing. When we see people’s antisocial behavior as the product of an enduring and powerful malice, we see few options beyond a comprehensive and immediate assault on the perpetrators. They cannot be helped, and any attempts to do so would be a waste of time and resources.

But if we accept the message from decades of social psychological research, that at least some instances of violence and malice are not the result of “pure evil” — that otherwise decent individuals can, under certain circumstances, be compelled to commit horrible acts, even atrocities.

The more common picture of evil is, watered down or made to be powerful and somewhat sophomoric. Evil characters in movies are simply threatening, oppressive, we learn later or in some strange prequel what bred such animosity and oppression.

We tell ourselves when we see these embodiments of evil that this could never happen to us — we are too sophisticated into believing that we are participating in some ritual or that we have been beguiled by the devil in our everyday affairs.

We are used to the cartoon bad guy or the easily foiled Nazi who simply enjoys being mean.

We then want to see more and so we graduate to more violent depictions of evil like maybe Freddy Kruger or Michael Meyers in Halloween Kills. In the safety of our homes and in theaters we are entertained by the sadistic psycho who gets his kicks peeling off people’s skin. The Bond villain who rejoices in wanting to kill millions with a bio weapon . The cackling witch who’ll get you and your little dog too.Halloween Kills Ending Explained - Den of Geek

We all think that this is what the devil does –and Hollywood has shaped our views of why Satan is and how to identify him but the Luciferian doctrine of removing choice and agency is the real evil — it is evil that most people don’t realize that they are participating in — something that has made them complicit in attacking and having fantasies about all the horrible things that they can do to people they don’t agree with.

It is reassuring to see villains or even possessed souls spitting the pea soup into the Priests face or Darth Vader holding his fingers up to choke an underling. They are merely caricatures who possess traits we can’t imagine in ourselves. But that’s not the real nature of true evil in the modern world. Evil is beyond sadism, beyond malignity. The greatest evils of our time weren’t done with wicked smiles, they are merely done with a shrug or a meh — and literally thousands if not millions of people are condemned by simple thumbs down or the passion of a file clerk in a dead-end job.

Evil is curiously impersonal — this what the devil does — he shows you subtle ways of doing the dirty deeds without being questioned — or being accountable.

Hitler once said “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”

Oppressors or Suppressors demean, victimize and/or demoralize groups of people or even entire societies. This is usually done by Tyrants, but may be achieved by anyone from Control Freaks, to Disciplinarians, to Socio-Political Movements.

In general, oppressors will be more concerned with keeping victims in line as opposed to outright harming them although they will not hesitate to kill anyone against them.

That is how you make an example of those who do not comply — you show an instance of how disobedience led to death and how in death the people can condemn the departed because they did not wish to conform.

Spiritual Destroyers oppress those of faith or corrupts said faith in order to enforce only the most base and negative of its laws; they are often considered demonic, heretical or fanatical but can be of any origin or purpose.

Many regimes in history oppressed certain faiths and tales of individuals who delighted in torturing those who did not relent their faith were common. It was also equally common to find tales of wicked or corrupt individuals within faiths who willingly used their power and influence to make life miserable not just for the so-called “heathens” but also for many practitioners of their own faith.

Satan, and his minions are demonic beings who are opponents of the faith and corrupters of practitioners.What EVERY Person NEED to know About DEMONS & SATAN - Francis Chan - YouTube

If an oppressor is a political figure who believes that complete authoritarian control over a state is the only way to keep society in line, they are likely a Totalitarian. These kinds of oppressors are often powerful and extremely dominating figures who control most facets of public and private life, stamping out any kind opposition to their regime.

Oppressors are never the good guys — they are the bad guys, and they are evil controllers. They need to be exposed no matter what political party they are in — if you can identify the oppressor then you know your enemy — if he or she wishes to create a government based on coercion, gaslighting and blackmail — this needs to be recognized for the veil it is.

Bureaucrats signing over millions of lives with the flick of a pen. Presidents flattening whole cities with the push of a button. Politicians and civil servants chatting over coffee, as they start a war that lasts ten years.

Mandates that take away the lively hoods of people — rules and mandates that keep people apart, criminalizing them for wanting to be human and challenging those with faith and mocking them because they are not completely on board with their political gerrymandering in scientific matters.

You cannot pretend that it doesn’t exist –because this is what the devil does.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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