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Ron Patton | October 12, 2023

There is an annular eclipse that will be seen the day after Friday the 13th. This is an amazing synchronicity as the sun sends us a message that not all is well – an eclipse has always been a portent or a warning that all signs point to abrupt change. Religious scriptures, ancient writings, and mythological artwork are congruent and cyclical with regard to the Black Sun symbol. Rare eclipses and the darkening of this huge ball of fire are powerful times for the elite to plan the fate of their world. It is a time to decide if it is the end of an age and if judgment should be at hand. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Dr. Sky about SOL INVICTUS – THE DARKNESS AND THE CONQUERING SUN.





As I was contemplating the topic for the show today — I was just so impressed as to how it appears that whatever is happening in the world — the word reality is getting bent out of shape.

Reality is what we say it is — and then when reality shifts you can easily question your sanity –move on or wind up walking aimlessly in the streets wondering “What happened to the world?”

Everyone has their own subjective take on nearly everything, everyone says they are an expert, and everyone will be able to believe whatever it is they decide to believe for whatever reason. No one will trust any of the usual evidence — no one will trust history or anything that has been considered truth

I’ll believe it when I see it” will have utterly no meaning at all.

Because even when people see it — they deny it, and with all of the technology capable of faking it — you best be prepared for any possibility –everything appears to be a certain way — it does not mean that it is most definitely that way.

People will get casual about this as well. People will not experience any angst about any of it, they just won’t care. They will shrug it off as if it doesn’t matter, they will see a video of a fleet of flying saucers lasering a city and not bat an eye.

They won’t care if what they see is real or not, they just will assume that nothing can be trusted—except what they have been convinced by others is real.

Herein lies the real danger, whoever or whatever gets a hold of the collective psyche and can convince it that what they say is truth they will need no real evidence to prove their position. If people believe that the well-paid billionaire is telling it like it is, then anything that person or institution holds up as evidential truth will be accepted as truth.

Nothing that used to be evidence of reality is trustworthy, thus we are all easily manipulated. The determining factor as to what is real is who said it is real, not concrete evidence. It’s as simple as that.

This is why it is important to understand ritual, and how powers exist to work magical castings –where the entire planet is mesmerized and led into destruction.

So far so good for the master elites with their tools of fear and their threats of death. They have accomplished a magical feat of confusion and lies –and have done so with some of the darker aspects of magic and mind control.

If you pay attention to the signs of the ages you may be able, to have a short glimpse of the future– and even then, what you are seeing is an approximation of future events.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, there have been movements and dark arts practitioners that have been in power and with their influence have been the benefactors of major wars.

These wars have been traumatic experiences for the people of the world. Their death tolls have been insurmountable, and the tragedy of what is left behind cannot be quantified. The elite goals have been evident and that is to establish a kingdom of chaos and darkness defined as a new world order of lawlessness, barbarism, mass genocide and imperialism.

The people believe that the groups and organizations in power have been established for the benefit of keeping the planet safe and sane. The origins of such organizations have agendas and hidden doctrines that are based on dark occult ritualism. Many of those who are involved take oaths and make secret combinations with darker powers in order to guarantee their power hold.

It needs to be explained that much of what we see being played out on the world stage is not coincidence or accident, It is done in accordance of strict ritual and ancient coded activities that when deciphered and studied can circumstantially define and identify the motive of causal approximation. The time to identify these machinations of the powerful is now.

What we do with the information is predicated on our individual contribution to exposing the dark orders that are now organizing an apostasy from the rule of law and the moral foundations that we were told were sacred and the cornerstone of freedom and well-being.

There are ancient symbols that are used to indicate homage to these bygone religious orders and their devotion to dark orders. They are used in open adoration and are powerful in their ability to signify powerful groups. They have been defined by ancient writings and biblical passages. Many symbols of the dark orders relate to darker paths.

Symbols that are related to the serpent, the winding snake or dragoon, the Dark Star or Nemesis, the Death Star, the Sol Ater, or the Black Sun.

In the 6th chapter of the Book of the Apocalypse, it is written “When the angel opened the sixth seal, I looked, and behold, there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth, the full moon became like blood, and the stars of the sky fell to the earth as the fig tree sheds its winter fruit when shaken by a gale.

There have been many synchronicities that seem to be happening as we speak — and many indications of the possible opening of the seals that are bound in the holy book that eerily predicts the bumpy road that we will travel on our way to the apocalypse.

Many earthquakes continue to rock the earth, We reported that just before the war in Israel there were three that happened around the world on major quake every hour in different places.

One of the quakes in Afghanistan killed thousands of people. The War in Israel broke out and some areas of the world will see the sun turn to sackcloth because of the annular eclipse.

With all of the reports out of the Middle East and Europe, it is obvious that the world has not been satisfied with moving toward peace and freedom. The leaders of the world have somehow been convinced that the only way to preserve the planet for their reign is to rule by secrecy and to utilize the darkest magic and causal engineering to further the ambitions of the powerful.

We have pointed out before that powerful symbolism influences current events — which gives credence to the old Greek saying “As above so below.”

We know that there is an annular eclipse that will be seen the day after Friday the 13th. This is an amazing synchronicity and again the sun sends us a message that not all is well as an eclipse has always been a portent or a warning that all signs point to abrupt change.

Anciently the darkened sun — with its ring of light was seen as the eye of God passing judgment on the planet. Others described the sighting as the Dragon eating its tail — a symbol of death and decay, that eventually transcends its blight and resurrects to a paradisical glory.

In the time when the sun grows dark, we see it as a harbinger of a great cycle to end. The symbol of the Ouroboros or Great Dragon eating its tail hangs above us in the heavens and the signal is there to understand how the Gods plan our fate.

The mythology scriptures and ancient writings all are congruent. Rare eclipses and the darkening of the sun are powerful times for the elite to plan the fate of their world. It is a time to decide if it is the end of an age and if judgment should be at hand.

We have seen the cycle of turmoil go full circle as the War in Israel broke out on the same day as the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

It is a 50-year cycle according to the Mazzaroth is the cycle of judgment –it is influenced by the ancient Dark Lord Saturn. The dark star of judgment sends a signal to Earth in the form of an eclipse.

The Black Sun was and still is a symbol of power in many darker secret societies. The societies claimed that this sacred symbol created an infinite beam of light which though invisible to the human eye existed in anti–matter.

The Black Sun symbol had several other meanings as well. It represented the Death Star, the Fallen Star or the Dark Moon.

It is also connected to Saturn worship.

The Kabbalah symbol for Saturn is the “Seal of Saturn,” also known as the “Hexagram of Saturn” or the “Seal of the Intelligence of Saturn.” It is a six-pointed star or hexagram that features the planet Saturn’s glyph in the center, surrounded by various Hebrew letters and mystical symbols.

The Hexagram is used to represent Israel. It is a six-pointed star that contains within it a downward-pointing triangle and an upward-pointing triangle, which represents the union of male and female energies, as well as the descent of divine energy into the material world. The Seal of Saturn is also sometimes referred to as the “Shield of David” or the “Magen David” in Jewish mysticism.

The Seal of Saturn is one of several planetary seals used in Kabbalah and other mystical traditions to represent the planets and their influences.

In Kabbalah, Saturn is associated with the qualities of time, wisdom, restriction, and limitation, and is said to govern the path to spiritual enlightenment through overcoming obstacles and limitations. The Seal of Saturn is used in various Kabbalistic practices and rituals to invoke the planet’s energies and to connect with its spiritual symbolism.

Theosophist Madame Blavatsky wrote in her book “Isis Unveiled” That Isis shall rise during the return of the Black Sun or the Eclipsed star would be evident when the 13th house of Mazzaroth is active from the core of Ophiuchus. The 13th house is the Serpent holder and from it will come the Black Sun.

Cometh the 13th house, Ophiuchus, the serpent holder. The release of the dragon and the event of Ouroboros.

We see Friday the 13th approaching, and the annular eclipse the day after.

Blavatsky wrote, “The sudden star, though seen by all of the Earth, does not elicit the fear it should even as the fire begins to stain the Northern skies. But, when Mars retreats from Ophiuchus, and the blue light separates from the green, know that war and sudden destruction is at hand as the Black Sun rises once again.”

However, the heavens hold secrets — and so does the sun in these times of upheaval.

The sun is about to lose something important: Its magnetic poles.

Recent measurements by NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory reveal a rapid weakening of magnetic fields in the polar regions of the sun. North and south magnetic poles are on the verge of disappearing. This will lead to a complete reversal of the sun’s global magnetic field perhaps before the end of the year.

If this were happening on Earth, there would be widespread alarm. Past reversals of our planet’s magnetic field have been linked to calamities ranging from sudden climate change to the extinction of Neanderthals.

Pole reversals on the sun have happened before and sometimes they do so at a rapid rate– when the sun is having a violent cycle. this happens every 11 years (more or less) when we’re on the verge of Solar Maximum.

Vanishing poles and magnetic reversals have been observed around the peak of every single solar cycle since astronomers learned to measure magnetic fields on the sun.

The last pole reversal was in 1980.

Sometimes the transition is swift, taking only a few months for the poles to vanish and reappear on opposite ends of the sun. Sometimes it takes years, to leave the sun without magnetic poles for an extended period of time.

Even more strange– sometimes one pole switches before the other, leaving both poles with the same polarity for a while.

Indeed, such a scenario could be playing out now. The sun’s south magnetic pole has almost completely vanished, but the north magnetic pole is still hanging on, albeit barely.

Most of all, the vanishing of the poles means we’re on the verge of Solar Maximum. Solar Cycle 25 is shaping up to be stronger than forecasters expected, and its peak could be relatively intense.

The Wall Street Journal yesterday published an article with the headline: “The Next Big Solar Storm Could Fry the Grid.”

Of course, scientists in the article say that the odds are low that in any given year a storm big enough to cause effects this widespread will happen.

And the severity of those impacts will depend on many factors, including the state of our planet’s magnetic field on that day. But it’s a near certainty that some form of this catastrophe will happen someday.

If this is the case then why publish an article that shows a massive CME coming from the sun to Earth? Is it all predictive programming or the Revelation of the Method?

To get ahead of this threat, a loose federation of U.S. and international government agencies, and hundreds of scientists affiliated with those bodies, have begun working on how to make predictions about what our Sun might do. A small but growing cadre of scientists argues that artificial intelligence will be an essential component of efforts to give us advance notice of such a storm.

Solar storms have already struck again and again. In 1859, a now-legendary storm known as the Carrington Event hit, well before we built a civilization dependent on electronic devices that it could wreck. It caused auroras as far south as the Caribbean, made telegraph lines spark, caused fires at some telegraph stations, and shut down parts of the telegraphy network in the northern hemisphere.

I have shared other horror stories about bolts of lightning coming up from the earth –and shooting through human bodies like laser beams.

It would be a lot like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Nazis fry by the power of the almighty.

There are many people who believe that we are living in the end times and that all of these signs in the sky indicate that we are headed for a change in our consciousness. Whether we are led into the darkness, or shown the light is still up for debate. However, coincidences speak volumes.

There are things that happen around us that we hear about and never stop to understand their meaning. Every so often we see things in the news that we almost always never connect with the esoteric or the paranormal and it is because we are conditioned to think that none of those bizarre things written about in ancient texts about those prophecies are waiting to be fulfilled. We all think that they will happen in our lifetime, and somehow when they happen we don’t see them until someone who is aware of such things can point them out.

Connecting the dots in a pre-planned apocalypse can certainly be daunting, however, circumstances are destined to be read in a way that appears to be a prophetic fulfillment and then again it can all be an illusion and verbose approximations that really have no congruent meaning or meaningful parallels.

There have been many prophecies from Nostradamus to Aleister Crowley, to the occultist theosophist Madame Blavatsky regarding the advent of eclipses of the sun and how they will trigger wars and armies of the darkest orders will rise up and begin their terror campaigns, in the final days before the Golden Dawn. The Darkened Star has also been known as the time when the demon Baal has the ability to rise up from the underworld and incarnate into the body of a human.

Some say that darkness will enter into a great general or leader who has great power and is universally accepted as one who is a shepherd, he then becomes the Antichrist of the Dark Star Rising. Blavatsky wrote in her book ‘Isis Unveiled’ that Darkened Suns or Black Suns are harbingers.

Rudolf Steiner also gave us hints as to how to come to terms with the so-called ‘Evil’ that is unleashed during an eclipse. He reveals that during the advent of the black sun, the gods themselves call their opponents into being.

It is the fulfillment of the dragon seen in the sky that divides the stars in the firmament — in this case, the stars are metaphors for human beings and the angels.

This is the dragon raising armies on either shore — to fight a final battle for the evil feared one.

It symbolizes the cycle of the circle of judgment — that in order for life to continue there must be death and without it the circle is broken, and the earth ends. It is central to all things on this planet, birth, sacrifice, struggle and death in order to sustain the unbroken chain. All things come from the center and all things unfold and then die in the center.

The dragon eats his tail.

In Pythagorean teachings, the Earth itself geometrically unfolds from a void in the center. This void has been recognized by many ancient groups, including the Sumerians, as the Black Sun or the “crossing sun” or the central sun where all things begin and end.

Life is always stranger than we suppose. Much of what we discover in life has a significant timing signature and everything we do and the events we witness can be considered mundane occurrences or we can surmise that what is happening in the world is planned and executed according to the numbers or even according to the various alignments of the planets and the stars.

A dark sun appears after many earthquakes leaving the 13th day represented as Ophiuchus the serpent handler. The annular eclipse represents the serpent eating its tail.

Pretty impressive — if you believe that this is a sign.

Synchronicity seems to be accurate enough.

The signs of dispensation are the signs of the last days when rare events occur in the sky.

Things are very rare indeed.

Scientists say that life on Earth has more time behind it than ahead of it. The religious are saying that life on earth is about to end. As we reach the time when we celebrate the rebirth of Sol Invictus, we should understand the meaning of death and rebirth.

The truth is that as life is expelled in one area of the globe, new life will always find a way to spring up again, as long as we have the sun.


Steve Kates / Dr. Sky is a science journalist with expertise in the realms of Astronomy, Space, Aviation and Weather. A true New Yorker, he got his start in broadcasting and television as a child actor in many commercials and print media.
During college, his mentor was Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of the then-planet Pluto. Continuing with his own broadcast shows, the Dr.Sky Show is heard on local Arizona radio and television and stations around the nation!
He continues as the “Astronomy/ Space” correspondent for the popular NYC radio station…Talk Radio 77 WABC, with his commentary and podcast – The Dr. Sky Experience. His email is

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Sheila Sampson

    October 12, 2023 at 4:12 pm

    This will be a great listen, as we are experiencing the great pains before the birth of the new. I think we ll feel it, shields up while allowing the beauty in!

  2. joe

    October 13, 2023 at 12:37 pm

    the dial of destiny . black sun time.. pope will die.. Koreas .. taiwan.. the YEAR of the Dragon 2024 Feb…scorpio up

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