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Clyde Lewis | October 1, 2021


For many of us the first of the month is bill paying day — for some it is bill paying week. Health insurance takes a big bite out of my paycheck as does rent and of course, all of our bills relating to phone and internet are astronomical.

But of course, that is part of my business — I need information sources and the internet in order to produce the shows I do.

Today, I woke up and needed to transfer funds to my Bank of America account. I noticed that my account was extremely low and it seemed a bit odd that I wasn’t informed that I was edging close to being over-drawn.

I went to make a deposit using the bank app and received a prompt telling me that there was a problem making my transaction.

That was unacceptable as money is taken from my account automatically for insurance and other necessities. I couldn’t even deposit money to pay my rent.

It was hopeless.

So, what do think I did next? Ironically, I got online in order to check and see if my bank was down.

Sure enough, I was reading an article in my news feed that said:

“Customers report Bank of America outage in major cities.”Bank of America outages in major cities

Bingo – that explained everything.

The news report stated that Bank of America customers are reporting ‘limited to no access’ to their bank accounts or banking services.

Apparently a major outage in Seattle has caused some problems for the hubs in the Pacific Northwest according to

The outage, has been happening since this morning, according to reports.

You can imagine what I was thinking– of course I was thinking about the Cyber Polygon table top exercise that the World Economic forum carried out in June showing how vulnerable banks are to a “kill switch” scenario carried out by hackers.

It was also synchronistic on some level as I have been watching a bit of predictive programming that is happening on one of my favorite TV shows.

As I have off-handedly commented before I have been watching the TV show, 911. It reminds me of that old show, Emergency, where we would witness a day in the life of two paramedics. It was kind of like Adam 12 except with firemen.

So far I am three episodes in and the whole premise seems to be a bit of predictive programming regarding ransomware hackers and how they single-handedly bring down Los Angeles. With power failures, air traffic control shutdowns, GPS tinkering and bank shutdowns, both the police and the firemen call it the apocalypse.

There was something chilling about seeing Los Angeles in shambles and there was a particularly eerie scene where zoo animals were released because of computer timed locks that somehow became unlocked and docile animals like Alpacas became blood thirsty predators.

Another scene that stood out was how the banks were unable to make transactions and how some ATM’s wouldn’t work while others were spewing out bills at random.

Of course, it was chaos but it reminded me of what was talked about when the World Economic Forum staged their cyber attack drill against the major banks.

It was done in order to show how the legacy system of normal banking is flawed and that after a cyber meltdown, the banks would have to develop a currency that would be highly-controlled and to add insult to injury it would be an infallible, Digicoin.Cryptocurrency exchange Market capitalization Digital currency Bitcoin, bitcoin, label, exchange png | PNGEgg

Amid a series of warnings and simulations in the past year regarding a massive cyber attack that could soon bring down the global financial system, the “information sharing group” of the largest banks and private financial organizations in the United States warned earlier this year that banks “will encounter growing danger” from “converging” nation-state and criminal hackers over the course of 2021 and in the years that follow.

The organization, called the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), made the claim in its 2021 “Navigating Cyber” report, which assesses the events of 2020 and provides a forecast for the current year.Navigating Cyber 2021

That forecast, which casts a devastating cyber-attack on the financial system through third parties as practically inevitable, also makes the case for a “global fincyber [financial-cyber] utility” as the main solution to the catastrophic scenarios it predicts.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, an organization close to top FS-ISAC members has recently been involved in laying the groundwork for that very “global financial cyber utility.”

The World Economic Forum produced the model for such a utility through its Partnership against Cybercrime (WEF-PAC) project. Not only are top individuals at FS-ISAC involved in WEF cybersecurity projects like Cyber Polygon, but FS-ISAC’s CEO was also an adviser to the WEF-Carnegie Endowment for International Peace report that warned that the global financial system was increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Intentional internet disruptions around the world cost the global economy billions of dollars every year.

Since 2019, there have been 239 major internet shutdowns in 45 countries. Most of these shutdowns have affected the banks.

the Cyber polygon exercise presented a Kill switch scenario and how it would effect checking social media, shopping online, using online messenger services, sending emails, or anything else involving an internet connection.

Hackers have the ability to down the entire internet system, as we have seen with article after article.

However, governments around the globe have also resorted to shutdowns, claiming it to be necessary for public safety. For example, India a democratic nation was the global leader in shutdowns in 2019, with over 150 in 3 years.

Last year in 2020, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard introduced the Unplug the Internet Kill Switch Act of 2020 to Congress. H.R.8336 would have directly attacked 47 USC 606, making it not pertain to internet usage. While Congress did not refuse the bill, they left it to sit with no further actions. [source]

In 2016, we experienced something similar when the Supreme Court denied hearing a petition to release information on the ‘secret’ DHS internet kill switch protocol. [source] Because we need an internet kill switch, of course. That is an issue of national security.

However, a new and improved cyber utility has been approved in order to wipe out systems and then bring them online with the idea of proposing a new currency– a currency ties to the World Bank.

Of course, this will usher in a cashless society.

A major theme in these efforts has not only been an emphasis on global cooperation, but also a merging of private banks and/or corporations with the State, specifically intelligence and law enforcement agencies. In addition, many of the banks, institutions and individuals involved in the creation of these reports and simulations are either actively involved in WEF-related efforts to usher in a new global economic model of “stakeholder capitalism” or are seeking to imminently introduce, or are actively developing, central bank-backed digital currencies, or CBDCs.

Building on the Bitcoin model, central banks are planning to produce their own “digital currencies”. Removing any and all remaining privacy, granting total control over every transaction, even limiting what ordinary people are allowed to spend their money on.

From the moment, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies first emerged, sold as an independent and alternative medium of exchange outside the financial status quo, it was only a matter of time before the new alternative would be absorbed, modified and redeployed in service of the state.

The banks are on the ready to issue “Central Bank Digital Currencies” which are the bank’s answer to crypto currency.France's Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Enters The Next Phase: Candidates To Test For Interbank Settlements - IntelligentHQ

For those who have never heard of them, “Central Bank Digital Currencies are exactly what they sound like, digitized versions of the pound/dollar/euro all world currencies issued by central banks.

Like bitcoin and other crypto, the “Central Bank Digital Currencies” would be entirely digital, thus furthering the ongoing war on cash. However, unlike crypto, it would not have any encryption preserving anonymity. In fact, it would be totally the reverse, potentially ending the very idea of financial privacy.

Now, you may not have heard much about the “Central Bank Digital Currencies” plans, lost as they are in the tangle of the ongoing “pandemic”, but the campaign is there, chugging along on the back pages for months now. There are stories about it from both Reuters and the Financial Times just today. It’s a long, slow con, but a con nonetheless.

The countries where the idea progressed the furthest are China and the UK. The Chinese Digital Yuan has been in development since 2014 and is subject to ongoing and widespread testing. The UK is nowhere near that stage yet, but Chancellor Rishi Sunak is keenly pushing forward a digital pound that the press are calling “Britcoin”.

Other countries, including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Malaysia, are not far behind.

The US is also researching the idea, with Jerome Powell, head of Federal Reserve, announcing the release of a detailed report on the “digital dollar” in the near future.

The proposals for how these “Central Bank Digital Currencies” might work should be enough to raise red flags in even the most trusting of minds.

Fed officials have emphasized the importance of getting the issuance of a central bank digital currency right rather than participating in a race with its global peers.

However, the moves of multiple countries, most prominently China, in the Central Bank Digital Currency space has intensified talk about how aggressively the Fed should move. China’s progress has stirred worries that it could undermine the dollar’s position as the global reserve currency.

Hacking the supply chain and pushing economies even further into the abyss will force the hand of many countries in participating in a world currency — a cashless society.

Most people wouldn’t like the idea of the government monitoring “all spending in real-time”, but that’s not the worst of it.

By far the most dangerous idea is that any future digital currency should be “programmable”. Meaning the people issuing the money would have the power to control how it is spent.

There is also the proposal of using an expiration date on all central bank digital currency which would prevent hoarding and of course saving money.

Now before skeptics tell me that this is all a conspiracy theory — I can give you evidence that the plan is in play for this cyber utility change over and who knows it may just be in 2022.

Agustin Carstens, head of the International Settlement Bank, speaking earlier this year stated:

“The key difference with Central Bank Digital Currency is that the central bank would have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability, and they have the technology to enforce that.”

This tells you not only that they want and are seeking this power, but how they justify it to themselves. They transform other people’s money into an “expression of their liability”, and so consider it’s only right that they control it.

Furthermore, this means that Digital cash could be programmed to ensure it is only spent on essentials, or goods which an employer or Government deems to be sensible.

They want programmability — they want to determine what you spend your money on and flag spenders who would invest on what they determine to be harmful purchases.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see just how this system could evolve and re-shape society into a truly dystopian nightmare.

In China the process is already beginning, with a trademarked lack of subtlety. As they progress toward the release of their digital currency, they are banning all cryptocurrencies to remove competition and it’s already known the digital yuan will be programmable.

The West’s approach will probably be less direct, but no less controlling for that.

Fed Coin in the U.S, has been held up for more investigation and tweaking which includes the control mechanisms — I am talking about. Britcoin in the UK will likely be programmable as well – under special; circumstances. It doesn’t take much imagination to see just how this system could evolve and re-shape society into a truly dystopian nightmare.China Looks to Take the Lead in Digital Currencies | Stanford Graduate School of Business

Imagine a currency that is flagged for what they deem essential buying — and I am sure they will require that certain foods be purchased and that drugs that are off limits will be curtailed.

Of course, if Universal Basic Income is put in place, then it’s possible the majority of people could end up on “state benefits”.

I remember when I first spoke of a floor wage being implemented and I was attacked by people who claimed I was supporting socialism.. I’ll bet those same people are cashing their basic income checks now without even thinking that they have made a deal with the devil.

Imagine being told that with your “state money” you are not allowed to use real butter on your bread or you will have to cut back on the buying of sugar or tobacco or alcohol.

Already we are seeing prices skyrocketing for beef and bacon –as prices such as these are forcing people into buying GMO plant-based meats as an alternative.

Money that is all subject to corporate control and used to enforce the unspoken state-corporate partnership that defines true fascism.

It will likely start in small, predictable ways designed to “limit competition”. McDonald’s, for example, will make it impossible to spend their wages at Burger King, and vice versa. Coke and Pepsi. Starbucks and Costco.

You get the idea.

It is like getting digital poker chips that you can only spend at certain casinos –otherwise they are worthless tokens. It is like being at a Chucky Cheese trying to spend quarters on the games when they require their own currency with the mouse engraved on it.

We’ve witnessed the rise of cancel culture, the cultivated age of identity politics, and virtue signaling. Well, imagine how programmable currency fits into that. Companies could commit to “combating hate” and stop their employees from donating money to black-listed political parties, religious groups, charities or individuals.

Imagine a world where companies could “renounce those who spread misinformation”, by making it impossible to spend wages they issue on art/films/music/books by outspoken critics of the government.

That is not out of the question as i reported yesterday–

Senator Elizabeth Warren called on Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy to use algorithms to steer readers away from books that spew “misinformation.”

Warren argued that people were not listening to the enlightened views of herself and leading experts.

Instead, they were reading views of vaccine skeptics by searching Amazon and finding books, including “falsehoods about COVID-19 vaccines and cures, including those written by the most prominent spreaders of misinformation.”

Warren blamed Amazon for failing to limit searches or choices.

Delaware Sen. Chris Coons, however, was not happy. He was upset not by the promised censorship but that it was not broad enough.

He noted that it was hard to define the problem of “misleading information,” but the companies had to impose a sweeping system to combat the “harm” of misinformation on climate change as well as other areas. “The pandemic and misinformation about COVID-19, manipulated media also cause harm,” Coons said. “But I’d urge you to reconsider that because helping to disseminate climate denialism, in my view, further facilitates and accelerates one of the greatest existential threats to our world.”

Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal also warned that he and his colleagues would not tolerate any “backsliding or retrenching” by “failing to take action against dangerous disinformation.” He demanded “the same kind of robust content modification” from the companies – the new Orwellian term for censorship.

Others have sought even more “robust” action. For years, Democratic leaders, including President Joe Biden, have called for corporate censorship on a variety of subjects.

Last year, Democratic Representative, Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerney of California wrote a letter to cable carriers like AT&T to ask why they are still allowing people to watch FOX News. The members stressed that “not all TV news sources are the same” and called the companies to account for their role in allowing such “dissemination.”

Washington Post columnist and CNN analyst Max Boot also wrote that cable providers should “step in and kick FOX News off.” New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof insisted that “cable providers should be asked why they distribute channels that peddle lies.”

CNN’s media expert Brian Stelter has called censorshipa harm reduction model.”

How quaint — CNN has decided to push Orwellian newspeak into their broadcasts.

Twitter, Facebook, and other companies have responded enthusiastically in banning those who question the official view of vaccines, climate change, elections or other subjects.Twitter Limited The Sharing Of New York Post Story – Is It Social Media Censorship?

Calling for companies to protect us from ourselves is the ultimate in enlightened despotism.

Once free speech is defined as harmful or violent, the algorithms can take it from there. At the urging of our leaders companies like Amazon can censor “everything for the people, nothing by the people.”

We can then live under the enlightened despotism of governing algorithms that protect us from our dangerous curiosities.

The controlling oligarchy can empty your bank account of whom they call subversives — this is the slippery slope we face.

Maybe companies will make it so that employees who aren’t vaccinated have more limitations placed on their wages than vaccinated ones. Maybe an unvaxxed paycheck can’t be spent at cinemas or nightclubs, to “stop the spread of the virus”.

The extreme left has already stated that the unvaccinated should be punished — hitting them in their digital wallet would be exactly the ticket to increase and harden the resolve of their tyrrany.

So maybe employers will remove choice altogether, and make a negative test and/or a vaccine booster a prerequisite for unlocking your wages. That could be applied to all kinds of behaviors moving forward.

The World Economic Forum has a clear vision of the future where people “own nothing and are happy”, combine that with a prolonged war on home ownership, and you can see employers and governments issuing money which can be spent on rent, but not on a mortgage.Shane Breslin on Twitter: "The Roman statesman, orator and writer Cicero once wrote "Cui Bono?" It meant: "to whose benefit?". Below is a slide from World Economic Forum a few months back.

Now imagine the “Green New Deal”. Hard limits on how much money you can spend on fossil fuels, plastics or meat.

Imagine how they could control your freedom of movement — you can only spend so many dollars on travel. You have overused your carbon limits for the month. You are penalized for using too much water on your lawn.

You must comply for the good of the planet –and they will determine just how much money you can have for your insolence.

Imagine trying to make a transaction on your phone and you get hit with a notice that says:

“To reduce your CO2 footprint, your food purchase with digital cash been declined because you went over your car mileage limit.

Its has been tracked and monitored with your digital ID.Your Digital Identity Can Be Used Against You in the Event of a Great Reset

Also 15 social credit score points have been deducted from your climate change passport. Remember the Nucleic vaccine is available now. You are allowed 20 digidollars for that purchase — would you like to transfer that money to your pharmacy through express pay? “

This is closer than you might think.

Money will turn from an expression of independence into nothing, but a voucher system operated completely at the whim of corporate monoliths.

All of this would have sounded like rampant paranoia just two years ago– but today, the jarring reality of Cyber Polygon reached my bank account.

World Economic Forum Leader Klaus Schwab remarked that “a cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics would spread faster and farther than any biological virus.

All they need is an excuse to remove money as a legacy system and control it with their cyber utility kill switch.

If you consider that America now believes racism is a “public health emergency,” government authorities could very likely deem a public health crisis as “public peril, disaster or other national emergency.” Oh no! The government must shut down the internet! We must shut down the banks and level the playing field, redistribute wealth — pass spending bills to bail out the minorities and the migrants at the expense of American citizens.

In a cashless society — this is what you have to look forward to.

A programmable digital currency would have, coded into it, the ability to control our entire society. And it looks like that’s where The New Normal is heading next.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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